K2 peak

K2 peak is the world second highest peak. It is 8611 meters high. It is in the Karakorum mountain range. It is known as “Chogho Ree” (Big mountain) in loval language, Balti.

By Danish

Satpara Lake

Satpara lake is in the major source of water for drinking and irrigation. It is located in a place called “SATPAR” (local name). The government is now changing this beautiful lake into a dam and due to this the natural beauty of lake is being spoilt. But it has been said that after the completion of the dam it will provide Pakistan with a lot of electricity and water for irrigation. In this way it will prove to be a source of great economic uplift for the country.

By Danish

The land of hidden beauty


Gilgit-Baltistan is going to be the fifth province of Pakistan. It is located in the North of Pakistan. It shares it borders with china in the north-east, with indian occupied kashmir in the east and it is connected with khyber pakhtunkhoa in the west. It also shares border with Indian occupied kashmir. It is a naturally blessed land, it has mountains, lakes, plains, mineral wealth, plenty of water, and a lot more. It got its independence from the cruel Dogra raj.

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